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At Taner Tech we Install and maintain structured network infrastructure in offices, high rises, and buildings. We install and plan the positioning of network cabling and wifi access points as well as IP-Based Phone System servers. Simply speaking, if it is connected to the internet we do it.

Our Brands 

"We work with many different types of brands and wholesalers to give competitive pricing, fast and reliable service to our clients."

Wifi access point make networks fast with up to 1GB/s download and 1GB/s uploads depending on ISP. Supports up to 50-100 device at a time without any lag.

IP-Phone/PBX systems allow for an easy and inexpensive way to have a Business Grade communications without the need to run multiple wires all over the place. Minimizing high installation and monthly maintenance costs tenfold.

Network Cables that come in different categories such as Category  5,6,7 and 8, as well as Optical-Fiber can provide the optimal setup for speed. Once these cables are installed you never have to worry about it again and adds value. 

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