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We Install cameras like no other company professionally fast and Done Right. We have been installing and servicing cameras for 30 years. We service all brands and types of cameras that are on the market make us very flexible with our customer's service needs at competitive pricing. We have installed cameras on Hotels, Apartment complexes, Business, and secure facilities. 

Flagship Camera 

LTS is our most used camera for every job because of its high performance and versatility at a discounted price that no other camera manufacturer can beat which saves our clients money and time in service and installation costs. 

Camera Quality

The big difference between high end cameras and low grade cameras is the night vision and in some cases resolution for detailed videos.

Colored Night vision can offer a more detailed picture when compared to standard IR Night vision; however it may not be necessary depending on the installation area.

Security cameras come in a wide variety of packages such as Domes, Bullets, Turrets, and PTZ that can be used in all different types of environments. The difference between them is looking aggressive or hidden.

The number of Megapixels a camera has dictates the recorded resolution. The higher the Megapixel count is the higher the resolution which allows for a much cleaner image only when zooming in, otherwise it is not necessary in some cases.

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