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Access Control has been our foothold for the last 20 years. Access controls are intercom systems, door buzzers, key card access and even fingerprint-access . We have installed and serviced these systems from small secure facilities to big hotels and high-end apartments. 

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"We service and install many brands from our whole sellers to provide premium service at a competitive price." 

Types & Uses of Access Control 

Access Controls are used everywhere and in any type of place or environment. Every Access point and be managed remotely or locally with the use of the main box.

Key Card Access  
Programmable Key cards that can be paired to a variety of systems for different purposes such as hotel room access, exterior building access, and side access. It's a fast and easy way to access a building or room without a key for a plethora of purposes.

Multi Story Intercom Access with door Access 
These systems work with new and legacy management boxes that offer greater cost-saving for existing or new installations. They can utilize a cellular network or the building existing network wiring to provide fast, easy and secure access to a building

Fingerprint Access 
For secure facilities or mischievous, employees having a fingerprint access point and deter unwanted attention. It can provide convenience since there is no need to remember a code or carry a key card that can be lost or stolen.

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