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PC Maintenance 


Hard Drive Upgrade 

Hard drives are inherently slow, but with Solid State drives it changes how you work. less waiting for things to load more time to get things done!

Malware and virus removal 

Virus and Malware cause computers not only to be slow but also pose as a security threat not one but many computers on a shared network.

Windows 10 Updates & Upgrade

Keeping computers up to date will always ensure your receiving the best performance.


Analog & Digital Phone Systems 

-No Cut-outs 

-Works without internet 

-Good for areas that have internet blackouts 

-long lasting 

Most of all Its reliability allows for uninterrupted voice calls and better workflow 

Network Upgrade With Ubiquiti


Faster Internet 

Speedy internet and supports up to 50 computer on one network.  

Better coverage 

No more dead spots or lag.


Choose what you want and don't.

Security Cameras 

Powerful and view anywhere up to 4k 

Luma Security Camera System 

Deliver Simplicity & Peace of Mind
Together, Luma and OvrC help you support and troubleshoot surveillance systems no matter where you are. Quickly access device information and recordings or make remote firmware updates offsite. Plus, our client-facing mobile app lets clients fix common issues and limits emergency calls to you.

Crafted Without Compromise
Luma's intuitive analog and IP systems combine the benefits of robust, professional surveillance with gear that's easy for you and your customers to use, delivering much-needed simplicity and vital peace of mind.

End User App
Clients definitely appreciate our simple, sleek Luma app designed for iPad®, iPhone® and Android™. They can watch what happens live, or play back recordings to make sure they don't miss anything important.


Technical Support

Free 5 year 

Troubleshooting free on all computers. 


Problems simply solved with just a call and computer.

Remote Help

Cost effective and a fast solution to keep thing running efficiently.

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Keep Business Running on Time Like a "Well Oiled Machine." 

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